Halesowen Swimming Club has run a Learn to Swim scheme since the Learner Pool facility was first opened in 1974 and has taught thousands of local children to swim.

Lessons take place in the small pool on Friday evenings from 6.30pm. Children can join the scheme at any time after their fifth birthday and, after a brief assessment at their first lesson, enter at the appropriate level. Children progress from those who cannot swim at all through to improvers at later session times. We operate a rolling programme designed to work on various skills and these are rewarded with certificates and badges through the Waterskills award scheme. Lessons place the emphasis on fun and enjoyment in the water that ensures long-term progress.

There is more information below but if you are interested simply come along to our Club desk in the main foyer at 6.30pm on Fridays and ask to join our Learn to Swim programme.

You can E-Mail your Learn to Swim enquiry to this address on the 'Contact Us' page and we'll get back to you.

Some of the most frequently asked questions by parents are:

Does it matter if I join the scheme half way through a quarter?
No. We place children in the session appropriate to their ability. We treat and progress all children as individuals and not as a group.

What equipment is needed?
We provide arm bands and floats for children learning to swim and recommend the wearing of goggles and swimming hats to aid confidence in the water. The Club runs a swim shop on Friday evenings where equipment is available at a discount price.

How do children progress?
We have adopted the Waterskills award scheme that provides clear guidance on what children need to achieve before progressing. Although we do assess children regularly this is done as part of the lesson and children are not placed under pressure at any stage.

How structured are the lessons?
Lessons are structured but, like in the early days at school, play is a key feature in beginners' lessons. When children are young it can be hard for them to concentrate for long periods of time and play makes it more interesting. Play also encourages confidence in the water that in turn aids progression. Lessons become more structured as children develop skills and confidence in the water.

Is half an hour a week enough for children to learn to swim quickly?
Yes. We have found, through many years experience, that young children learn very quickly with only half an hour in the pool each week.

What happens when my child is ready to leave the Learn to Swim scheme?
When children have progressed to our later sessions we discuss with parents what can happen next. Although many parents enrol their children with the sole aim of learning to swim a large number go on to become full members of the Club and continue their development in the main pool.

Why isn't there a telephone number on your website?
Our experience is that people who have access to our website are more than happy to send E-Mail enquiries and ask further questions to our contact addresses. We have found that there is no substitute for coming to the pool and seeing our swimming lessons in action to see if it meets your expectations.

Will you be able to give me a place straight away?
We do our very best to fit swimmers in but we do have limited spaces available. We give priority to swimmers with siblings already within the club programme and there are occasions where you may be placed on a waiting list while existing club swimmers complete their progression. If you are placed on a waiting list we will hold your details and contact you if a place becomes available.

What order do you call swimmers from the waiting list?
Places do not become available in a set order and therefore we call swimmers as and when vacancies occur. This means that swimmers are not called from the lists in any specific order. In addition, we must ensure that we have a fair spread of age groups and boys and girls across our lessons.

Payment for Lessons
Payments for lessons are due on joining or at the beginning of each quarter (January, April, July and September) and are payable at the Club desk in the learner pool. Fees are set annually at or below similar Local Authority schemes.

Other Club Activities and Facilities
The Club also runs training sessions in the main pool on Friday evenings from 6.15pm for developing young swimmers right through to adults and we also train regularly on other days. We have a successful swimming squad through which children develop a strong sense of team spirit and enjoyment. We encourage parents of children in the Learn to Swim scheme to keep up to date with Club activities by reading our noticeboard in the main foyer, through our regular Newsletter, through our regular E-Mail distribution and by visiting this website regularly.

Still want to know more?
We hope that we have given you enough information but if you want to know more then you can E-Mail your details or questions to the address on the 'Contact Us' page and we'll get back to you. You can also talk to us at our Club desk in the main foyer on Fridays from 6.30pm.